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Uchop is home to a global community of sustainability enthusiasts. With chops (1-minute videos), you can share knowledge, stories, and build your network of like-minded people.


A fresh perspective on global challenges: Global Health, Climate and Environment.

Seedballs, Kenya

Volunteers helping reforesting Kenya with Seedballs


The Disruptive Innovation Festival


Make sustainable change
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Get key points from events, talks and initiatives in 1-minute, not hours



Edit your video into a 1-minute chop or create a chop in real-time.



Tag chops based on insights and let people discover and share your work, solutions, & innovative.

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Discover how Uchop can help deliver your event's key messages to a wider audience, engage more people, and highlight your incredible research, initiatives, and policies.


1-minute is all you need to:

Discover impact solutions locally & further afield

Summarize your event's main talking points

Publish event highlights in real-time

Connect with people who share your passion

Share insightful information with a bigger audience

Showcase the great work your team is doing

Make chops,
plant trees

We've partnered with Seedballs Kenya to plant a tree for every initiative that signs up to Uchop. This partnership helps us offset our climate footprint while tackling deforestation and conserving the environment for future generations.

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